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It’s been a great 5 years and it’s not the end! We started from the ground up and worked with people from all over the world to develop Southern Oregon Live, one of the most visited and longest surviving event sites in Southern Oregon. Still ranked #1!



SOL is owned by SOROVI Web Media and was created as part of a development portfolio to showcase to other clients. Honestly, as the owner and lead developer of SOL my primary goal was never to run an event site. I’m not a marketer or advertiser, I’m a developer and I like making digital applications. This site, among our many projects, led all of us who worked here to new and exciting opportunities, including for me, a position as a developer at a Fortune 500 company. Subsequently, for about the past year, SOL has been basically unmanaged. Not surprisingly though, still #1: growing in users, advertisers, events, and site visits!



Well, sad as it may be, it is time for me to move on too and let SOL go. For me, I’ll be focusing more of my time and energy on doing what I love, a sweet programming job, and more time with my amazing wife and our three teens. But, it’s not the end of Southern Oregon Live! Because it keeps growing in stats the site will remain up and running until you buy it or it stops growing in use.



What’s Included: The sale includes the transfer of all rights and ownership of the website southernoregonliveevents.com including the content, files, database, WordPress container, registrar and domain name ownership, social media accounts (to the extent they can be transferred or redirected), and digital media (text, video, images, audio) limited to what can be specifically identified or known to be used on the website or social that was created or developed by SOL.

User Data & Source Content: Buyer is obligated by law to handle user data in compliance with current mandates. User data includes but is not limited to user accounts, users access data such as cookies, user uploads, logins, emails, etc. All uploaded content remains the property or rights of its prospective owner(s) and cannot be claimed by the buyer or sold by seller except for what was specifically owned or developed by SOL. Ownership of source code or third-party applications such as but not limited to the theme, WordPress, plugins, or any other shall retain current licensing, ownership, or rights as set forth by the owner of such and cannot be claimed by either buyer or seller.

Legal Status: SOL operates as a subsidiary and DBA SOROVI Web Media, LLC. SOL is free and clear of all debts, liens, and has no known past, current, or future knowledge of legal or monetary arbitration as of the date of sale. Upon the date of sale, the seller waives all rights to site ownership, and liability if any should exist either past, current, or forward. Buyer assumes all liability upon the date of sale that could arise from ownership of the site. These terms supersede any other contract.



Average Monthly Site Stats as of June 2017/2018: 

Site Hits: 2.3k, source; semrush.com | 2.9k, source; Google Analytics.

Site Rank: 1) Southern Oregon Live, 2) At The Expo, 3) Rogue Valley Now, 4) Rogue Valley Messenger, 5) Central Point Chamber, 6) What to do in Southern Oregon. source; alexa.com

Facebook Followers: about 5.5k

Instagram Followers: about 1.2k

Twitter: about 1k

Total Posted Events: about 25k

All-Time Advertisers: about 1k

NOTE: Analytics vary widely from time-to-time and source-to-source. Buyer is responsible to independently verify all site and social stats.

ASKING PRICE: $21,725 o.b.o. Contact mike@sorovi.com for any additional questions or to make an offer. Cheers!