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10:00 To 16:00

Event Description

What is Medford Comic Con?

The Medford Comic Con (MCC) is a FREE Comic Con featuring vendors, workshops & panels, costume contests, and more.  MCC is hosted by Jackson County Library Services, Friends of the Medford Library, Central Art Supply, What to do in Southern Oregon, and Astral Games.

MCC is dedicated to promoting and fostering lifelong learning, connecting people, and celebrating family and community. Our mission is to encourage literacy and innovation through popular media, arts, literature, science & technology, fantasy and science fiction, game play, & design in the form of workshops, programming, and exhibitions.

The Medford Comic Con will be taking place at the Medford Library (205 South Central Avenue), the Rogue Community College-Riverside Campus, Astral Games, and outside of the Medford Library along 9th Street (between Riverside and Central Avenue) and Bartlett (between 8th Street and 9th Street), as well as in the parking lot on the corner of 10th Street and Central Avenue.

The cost of admission to Comic Con is FREE.

The only costs are for vendors to rent a space to sell their products or if you purchase food or beverages, memorabilia, or items from vendors.

Commemorative Medford Comic Con (MCC) library cards will be available at the Con! Supplies limited. Get your MCC Commerorative library card while supplies last! Visit here is for more information.

If you do not yet have a library card, please fill out an application in English or en español and provide two forms of identification, residency, or property ownership.

If you already have a library card, you’re in luck! You just need to exchange your old card and show ID for a commemorative Medford Comic Con library card! There is no cost to replace your library card.

What do I need to do to get a Commemorative Geocache Coin? Join the Southern Oregon Geocache Hunt during the Con!  For more information, visit here.

What is the bus schedule? Saturday hours of operation are from 7:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.  There is no bus service on Sundays.  Please visit for more information.

Where can I park and how much does it cost? Parking is free all day on Saturday and Sunday. Travel Medford will have maps available (in March 2019) of parking and other places to visit in downtown Medford. What is the schedule & map of events? Coming Soon! Our website is constantly being updated, please check back regularly.  You can also follow our social media for updates:

Follow Medford Comic Con on Facebook @MedfordComicCon

Follow Medford Comic Con on Twitter #medfordcomiccon

Follow medfordcomiccon on Instagram.

Follow medfordcomics on Snapchat.

Will the Comic Con be ADA accessible? Yes. Will there be restrooms available? Yes, there are public restrooms in the Medford Library, Rogue Community College Higher Education Center, and portable toilets available on the corner of 9th Street & Riverside Avenue and 8th Street and Bartlett Street. Keep an eye out for a poop emoji for prizes!

Who are the organizers of Medford Comic Con? Jackson County Library Services, Friends of the Medford Library, Central Art Supply, What to do in Southern Oregon, and Astral Games.

Photography services by Mary Wilkins-Kelly Photography.  Can you bring real weapons to Comic Con? No firearms or weapons are permitted in the library except as permitted in ORS 166.291 and ORS 166.292.

Are cosplay weapons allowed? Imitation weapons are allowed. We cannot allow any real weapons. Only fake weaponry will be permitted. Upon arrival at the event, all cosplay weapons must be checked at the peace binding stations and must have a secured tag placed on them. The tag must be visible throughout the event. Please visit our Policies for details.

Are masks allowed? Yes. Is alcohol, smoking or vaping allowed?  No alcohol is allowed. Smoking, including use of inhalant delivery systems, is not permitted in any library building.

Smoking is not permitted within 10 feet of an entrance or exit. Please note: Drugs and any activity that uses open flames including candles and the use of tobacco products are prohibited anywhere in the Medford Library, Rogue Community College, and on the Medford Comic Con grounds.

Are pets allowed? Animals and pets are not allowed in the library, with the exception of service animals. However, service animals behaving aggressively, disruptively, or generally unruly may be excluded. Service animal owners must clean up after their service animal.

Will there be food available? Food vendors will be available on Bartlett Street between 8th and 9th Streets, outside of the Medford Library along 9th Street (between Riverside and Central Avenue), as well as in the Postal Office parking lot on 10th St. and Riverside. Please also see our list of downtown Medford Comic Con friendly restaurants, stores, and bars…oh my!

What are the policies & age limits for costume contests? Check out the costume contest page for more information!

What is the Fan Art Contest? The Fan Art Contest is a community art contest for comic inspired fan art. Find out more at the Fan Art page!

Is there an age limit to attend? Medford Comic Con is a free, family event open to all ages.

What is the topic for the Panel of Discussion? We have a couple of panels. Check out the schedule of events page for more information about the different panels discussions at Medford Comic Con.

How do I participate in a panel discussion? During panel discussions, we will be moderating an interactive discussion. Panelists have been selected from a wide array of backgrounds and viewpoints. There will be time for audience participation throughout the discussion.

**If you would like to participate or host a panel, please contact   Evelyn at, Terra at, or Andrea at

How do I become a vendor at the Comic Con? Vendor applications have closed for 2019!  Please contact Chantel at for any questions.

How do I present a workshop at the Comic Con? If you are interested in hosting a workshop or panel, please contact Evelyn at, Terra at, or Andrea 

Where can I find out more information about Comic Con? Right here at Comic Con Central or our social media!

What Rules of Conduct should I know besides the Library Policies when attending the Medford Comic Con?

The Medford Comic Con is a safe, family friendly event that welcomes the multitude of fandoms our community brings to it.  Please be respectful of fellow fans and their personal property by following common sense rules for behavior:

Please obtain permission from anyone before taking a picture of them, do not touch others without their prior consent. Any violators may be asked to leave the convention immediately.

Handouts and/or soliciting will not be allowed unless otherwise approved by Medford Comic Con 2019.

Is there a Facebook page for the Medford Comic Con? Absolutely! Medford Comic Con on Facebook.

Are there pictures of previous Comic Cons? Yes, check out our galleries of previous Comic Cons here and on Facebook.

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